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The GreenFire Growth Collective Team

Mitch Orland

Mitch Orland

Mitch will Vision Walk your dreams into a sustainable reality. His background is in innovative management, merchandising, marketing, program design, and new business development. He is a visionary leader with over 30 years of progressive experience in accelerating businesses.

Mitch Orland’s accomplishments in the food industry include multi-million dollar businesses such as Earth Fare: The Healthy Supermarket, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market as well as local heroes like Granny FeelGoods Restaurant and The Fort Collins Food CO-OP. Coming off his last gig at Fresh & Easy, Mitch managed sales of over half a billion dollars as the Vice President of Fresh and was the Executive Chef.  Mitch is back trailblazing the future of food, as a food futurist, and foodlosopher. Once again he’s leaning over the edge, looking for the right solutions.

Mitch is currently a Member of the Board of Directors, Chief Inspirator, and Executive Chef of The Farmery. He is also the Co-Owner of the wildly successful BimBeriBon restaurant in Asheville NC, and runs GreenFire Growth Collective.

Mitch has worked with, mentored or  been a Board of Directors with these amazing companies.

Leila Bakkum

For over 28 years Leila Bakkum has celebrated working in the Natural Products industry, combining it with her personal practice of using products that are clean, healthy and do not negatively impact the environment. She co-founded and managed an organic specialty and culinary herb farm that supplied high end resorts and produce wholesalers. From there she joined the team with Great Eastern Sun, manufacturer of Organic Miso and importer of Organic and Natural Asian products.  For the past 15 years Leila has been working in conjunction with GES and leads the Sales Management Team. Leila’s expertise lie in managing brokers, understanding the National Natural Chain and Natural Independent Landscape, targeting new customers, and organizing and presenting data in an easy to understand format. Her versatility and flexibility allow her to be successful in working with a wide range of brands and products and her foresight enables her to clearly see the direction of moving brands forward.

Steven Ivans

Steven Ivans is a professional restaurant operator and supply chain expert, who has worked with best in class international restaurant groups (Culinary Concepts Hospitality Group and Smith and Wollensky Restaurant Group) and elite hotel group (Starwood Hotels and Resorts). He now heads up a boutique restaurant consulting and development company (Cast Iron Hospitality Partners). With over 30 years of training and operational experience, a degree in Culinary Arts from The French Culinary Institute of NYC and a Hospitality Degree from Florida International University, Ivans applies his skills, education and experience to develop and operate world class operations around the globe. His talent and success can be seen in establishments in many major cities in the US and around the world, notably bringing up profit and increasing efficiency.

Stefanie Garcia

As founder and President of Cultivar Consulting LLC, Stefanie Garcia brings over 15 years of food and beverage experience with a deep knowledge of what it takes for brands to be successful in the marketplace. Working for Fortune 500 companies as well as start-ups, and having worked with products spanning agriculture to packaged food and beverages, to body care and non-consumables, Stefanie brings a vast array of product familiarity. Stefanie earned her Bachelor’s degree at Johnson & Wales University for Foodservice Management and is committed to supporting companies that have sustainable sourcing and give-back missions. She has served as President of the board for Slow Food Chicago, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes good, clean, and fair food practices, and is a Board Advisor for Civic Farms, an aquaponics farm based in Austin, Texas.

Jenny Wallace

Jenny has a wide range of experience and skills. Her eclectic job experience - a fitness and yoga instructor, outdoor guide and teacher, Spanish teacher, director of programming, multiple roles in restaurant business, and currently a critical care paramedic - has given her the skills to manage efficiently and effectively, logistically plan to the benefit of all parties, and organize the team to achieve the desired goals. With all the different hats she has worn in her life, she has continually thrived in giving clarity and organization to the work. Jenny rose to supervisory positions in many of her jobs, including her current one, which is supervising day-to-day operations for a busy hospital-based ambulance service. It is literally often life and death situations in her work, where Jenny keeps a clear and calm head in the game to get the best results. Her role in the GreenFire GC team is to support the team in their roles, something that comes easy for her. Jenny finds satisfaction in helping other people develop space in their workflow to be more creative and more successful. 

Ryan Naylor

An entrepreneur with a rebellious nature and story-teller extraordinaire, Ryan began his entrepreneur attitude with activities in his childhood that sparked passion for pushing boundaries. Over the years this has professionally evolved into building his first home out of shipping containers and helping businesses adapt to challenges in order to grow. Having cut his teeth working different jobs in the outdoors, Ryan moved into design graphics, managing warehouses, running printing presses, managing his own marketing/advertising agency, managing distributions and logistics for an international manufacturing company, managing sales and marketing for an international web-development company, and most recently managing 250+ business accounts for a three-year-old tech startup.

Passion drives him, and he is extremely interested in managing amazing teams, green technology, collaboration, renewable resources, supporting local economies and conservation.

Nate Turner

Strong-built leadership and a balanced skill set, Nate is analytical and a communication expert. He keeps a ship steady with a level head under pressure. He currently is VP of New Belgium’s Brewery Operations and Supply Chain, overseeing purchasing, brewing, packaging, distribution, demand planning, project management, and master scheduling. He also educates employees about NBB Culture and model New Belgium's core vales and beliefs.

Nate offers so much to the team, knowing how to facilitate objective conversation, practiced in relationship building, and keeping focus towards the collective goal. He aspires to help grow the skills of his teammates, bringing to all more experiences and paths to grow. Nate believes, “How you show up is as important as what you do in my opinion”.

Heather & Paul Neff

This husband and wife team bring over 28 years of combined marketing and web design expertise. They focus on brand management, user experience design, SEO, email and web development, branded sales collateral and social media marketing. They are both web and graphic design professionals with proven success, leading corporate marketing for multimillion-dollar companies across diverse industries.

Stephen Goldberg

Stephen is an industry expert that trail-blazes the way for prepared foods and innovative concept to customer strategies, huge work in maintaining outdoor lifestyle as a natural resource advocate, and has global tastebuds as he has worked in the global food industry. Stephen has been a retail executive with over 20 years of retail experience in the US and the UK primarily specializing in prepared foods. He held the roles of Regional VP and the Director of Prepared Foods for Whole Foods Market. He brings great experience for consulting to any team he joins.

Kristina Cash

As an activator connector of her community, Kristina locally works towards goals to improve the world around her. As “Resourceress” she wore many hats during her seven years with the beginnings and growth of New Belgium Brewery and was instrumental in helping to build the brand and tie it to Fort Collins culture. Kristina moved forward to grow with her community, expanding sustainability, expanding awareness. She is a member of numerous advocacy boards revolving around sustainability and the outdoor lifestyle. She currently works in her own company Fortified Collaborations, to continue the mission of growing local economy and sustainable living. Kristina’s energy to all things good and productive for good living gives anyone she works with the energy to do the same.