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Business and Financial Analysis & Growth Strategies

The spire of any successful business rests upon proficient financing. GreenFire knows food-service budgeting, forecasting, and triple bottom lines better than many of the top financing executives in your industry.

GreenFire is proficient in:

  • Budgeting analysis & expectations
  • Inventory & Labor control
  • Gross margins
  • Direct store expenses
  • Occupancy expenses
  • Long range goals
  • Fundraising & Equity Growth Strategies



Prepared food Program Development

GreenFire can help your company expand, improve, and market your company’s food departments and services, including Bakery, Deli, Prepared Foods, Specialty, Grocery, Meat, Seafood, Sushi, Commissary, Distribution Center, and more.

GreenFire brings to the table:

  • 25 years of Executive Chef and catering experience
  • Innovative recipe development
  • Exquisite menu creation
  • Profitable holiday food sales and promotion
  • Program development and roll outs

New Store Opening Planning & Execution

GreenFire Growth Collective's extensive experience in the food and beverage industry encompasses numerous store openings. While at Earth Fare, Mitch Orland opened twenty new store locations, supervised the opening of a new warehouse, and helped manage warehouse operations for his departments. At Wild Oats Markets, Mitch opened twenty new stores, commissaries; backhouse’s and received the company’s New Store Operations Newcomer of the Year Award in 2000.

Product Development & Sales Management

Let GreenFire transform your fresh food departments into robust enterprises that compete with any national food retailer. What’s more, your company will profit during the initiative, straightaway.

GreenFire specializes in refining and managing products for the following food departments: Prepared-food, Bakery, Meat, Seafood, Deli, Specialty, Grocery, Sushi, Demo, Supplies, and Coffee/Juice Bar.

Allow GreenFire to:

  • Skillfully build and initiate new products & Programs
  • Expertly source products
  • Knowledgeably conduct strategic growth planning
  • Proficiently grow sales & gross profit margins
  • Appropriately price, place, promote and procure products
  • Cleverly promote new-concept rollouts
  • Manage your sales, broker and demo needs

Pollinating, Connection, Relationships, & Ideation

Mitch, a food and beverage industry consultant has twenty-five years of experience building enterprises with sustainability in mind. Due to his dedicated involvement in Asheville-based business, environmental, and education organizations, Mitch is a man who has built a powerful interconnected web of relationships. In addition to his esteemed reputation with one of Asheville’s largest corporations, Earth Fare, Mitch currently serves on several local boards, on some of which as an advisor or founder.

Community outreach projects, past and present, include:

  • Common Good Family of Partners for Big Thompson Watershed
  • Green Sage Coffeehouse & Café
  • Southern Appalachian Biodiversity Project
  • Michelle Obama’s Chefs Move to School
  • Hickory Nut Gap Farm & Meats
  • Zero Energy Development, Blue Ridge Sustainability Institute
  • Wild South (Environmental)
  • Asheville Community Yoga
  • Rocky Mountain Sustainability Association
  • Public Lands Watch of Northern Colorado

Store Operations Best Practices

Many food-industry departments experience shrink rates between 8-12%. Expert consulting can reduce shrink rates by 50% or more. Mitch has directed operations for fresh food departments in with over 100 stores and opened up over 50 stores for multi-million dollar grocers, such as Wild Oats Markets and Earth Fare. Mitch has real time field experience he never forgets where the bread is buttered and that we are only as good as our last customer served.

GreenFire provides:

  • Talented merchandising
  • Skillful shrink and labor control
  • Diligent data management

I have worked with Mitch for several years in a supplier and vendor capacity. He has always exhibited integrity in his values concerning the quality of the products we deal with. In terms of his communication, he has always been honest and good to his word; to such an extent that we are now working together in a consulting / client relationship. I endorse his character and ability to work towards true win-win, triple-bottom-line growth and solutions for his clients.
— Matt Parris, Founder/CEO, Roots Organic Gourmet

Sustainable and Green Solutions

As Sustainability Director for Earth Fare, Mitch aligned the grocer with resourceful organizations to fulfill its environmental stewardship goals. Mitch also served as board chair of the grocer’s Mission and Values Committee and Green Committee.

Allow GreenFire to ensure your company:

  • Aligns with appropriate organizations
  • Takes advantage of straightforward energy and costs savings
  •  Promotes sustainability reputation to customers

Standards and Compliance, Audits and Program Creation

Mitch, of GreenFire, has seven years of executive experience working for one of the most standards driven grocers in the country, Earth Fare. Mitch has the know-how to ensure your company choses the best standards and brings them to fruition with ease.

As a triple-bottom-line, local food, and sustainability champion, Mitch pioneers paradigm-shifting initiatives. In 2011, he instituted the 100-mile local standards, ensuring only items sourced from 100 miles from stores could be labeled and signed “local.” Mitch’s efforts set a new standard in the industry of what should be designated as truly “local” and what was defined as a “regional” producer. Moreover, he helped revitalize the grocer’s food philosophy by re-engineering Earth Fares “Boot List & Boot Patrol” ensuring Earth Fare provides its customers with the ingredient standards promised, Mitch was the gatekeeper of standards and head boot-ee at Earth Fare.

Mitch leads with focus, dedication, and professionalism. He meets goals and objectives put in front of him, financial or otherwise, and faces challenges head on. Mitch is an asset to the community and any organization that has the benefit of having him on its team. Although he is taking with him a wealth of experience and knowledge, and incredible passion, I am happy to extend my recommendation of Mitch Orland.
— Jack Murphy, CEO Earth Fare, The Healthy 

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