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Flavor, NC represents a place in our minds, and our palates, where the best of North Carolina’s agricultural bounty is shared by those who grow and produce it, with those who appreciate and consume it. The mission of Flavor, NC is to introduce all those who call North Carolina home to our rich agricultural heritage and to the farmers and food producers carrying on that tradition today. Simply put, we want everyone who watches to become a “resident” of our town, Flavor, NC.

We are constantly harvesting from our indoor farms in Raleigh to create the freshest, best tasting food. Growing onsite allows us to experiment with crops that are too perishable to be found within a typical supermarket. We’re proud to feature our own home grown additions to the menu such as purslane, sorrel or oyster mushrooms!

All of our recipes are made to be as healthy as possible. We feature a lot of greens, herbs and mushrooms on our menu because of their complex flavors and great benefits to our health! We call our cuisine ‘Superfood Fusion’; it features wraps, bowls, flatbreads and melts made from nutrient dense ingredients. We are 100% preservative free! 

326 West Greer Street, Durham, NC
Twitter – @The_Farmery

Video Transcription, Interview with Mitch orland

Speaker 1:  Food trucks come in all shapes and sizes. Like this Airstream trailer, which is home to The Farmery. The Farmery serves both breakfast and lunch. They offer locally sourced foods. What sets The Farmery apart from other food trucks is the fact they grow some of their own produce in their own specially designed indoor farms.

Speaker 2: The indoor farm is like central to the concept of The Farmery, which is to grow and sell at the same site. So we wanted to be the next generation of farm-to-table, so it's actually farm-at-your-table. So, when you're dining at The Farmery, you're able to watch the food grow and understand the value of it.

Speaker 1:  Right.

Speaker 2:  But you also get food that was harvested that morning.

Speaker 1: So you know it's fresh?

Speaker 2: Yes.

Speaker 1: Chef Mitch Orland agrees and says those fresh ingredients are a big reason why their customers keep coming back for more.

Speaker 1: So we've got all these great herbs that you grow here right on site.

Chef Mitch O.:  Yeah.

Speaker 1: I'm sure as a chef, that's wonderful to have?

Chef Mitch O.: Oh, I love it.

Speaker 1: Yes.

Chef Mitch O.: It's awesome.

Speaker 1: All right. So now we're going to put our salad together since we have all our pieces and parts?

Chef Mitch O.:  Yes.

Speaker 1:  All right. What've we got?

Chef Mitch O.: Well, we've got our mixed greens that we grow that has rocket herb in it, which is also known as watercress or arugula sometimes.

Speaker 1: Right.

Chef Mitch O.: And we'll add our beautiful red rib sorrel.

Speaker 1: A bit more sorrel. I'm learning.

Chef Mitch O.:  Parsley.

Speaker 1:  Parsley.

Chef Mitch O.: Basil.

Speaker 1: Fresh basil.

Chef Mitch O.: Yup. And then two tablespoons of dressing. And then we're going to just mix it ...

Speaker 1: Give it a toss.

Chef Mitch O.:  ... so everything is dressed nicely. Then we're going to add our super seed mix, which has chia, flax, and sesame.

Speaker 1: Uh-huh.

Chef Mitch O.: And it's really good for you, especially for men with the pumpkin seeds.

Speaker 1: There you go.

Chef Mitch O.: And we've got a little soya thrown in there. It just gives it a little kick. And then we're going to add our, we also used our pesto with this goat cheese. And this is a local goat cheese from the goat lady in Climax. So we're really excited about using local products here. It's the second best thing you can do except for using The Farmery products, which we grow right next door to our kitchen. 

Speaker 1:  Exactly.

Chef Mitch O.: You can't get any fresher.

Speaker 1: No you can't.

Chef Mitch O.:  And there you go and that's our beautiful fresh herb salad.

Speaker 1:  Beautiful fresh herb salad. It's also good for you.

Chef Mitch O.: Good for you. Lots of super food and local food too.

Speaker 1:  Can't go wrong with that?

Special Thanks to Flavor NC, and Marley Ellis!

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